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New Year, New Beginning

December 30, 2016

On New Year’s Eve, we like to gather with friends to celebrate, but also to reflect on the past year and make goals for the new year. I use the previous year as a guide to what I accomplished, what I’d like to do better and how I’d like to improve on my goals. Lately, I’ve been reading a book about tidying by Marie Kondo. mariekondo

Yes, it’s about tidying up, organizing your space, and discarding what you no longer need. The things that we keep should bring us joy, I like that concept. But, what I’m focusing on with this book is the idea of visualizing my space. What do I want it to look like? How do I want it to make me feel? My home is my sanctuary and I want to work harder in the new year to make it truly a place of joy.

Some of the promises I made to myself last year included:

  • Love myself
  • Don’t apologize unnecessarily
  • Don’t judge myself
  • Stand up for myself

I keep my list of goals and promises as a note on my iphone so I can refer to them all year. Plus I love to see how that list changes from year to year. When I gather with friends on New Year’s Eve, we spend the first part of our night reflecting and answering questions such as:

  • Best Moment of the Year
  • Hardest You Laughed This Year
  • Newsworthy Event with the Most Impact (this might be an easy one this year!)
  • Biggest Lesson Learned this Year

You get the idea. But I we also like to set some goals for ourselves, talk about them, and hold each other accountable for them. Some of my goals for the new year will be to work far more diligently on my own writing. After reading thousands of queries, hundreds of manuscripts and continuing my journey as a literary agent, I found a new love for The Energy Crusades. I have some very specific goals I’m going to accomplish in the new year but the main one is to finish the 3rd book in the series. “Do it for you,” is what my dear friend Matt advised me, and yes, that’s what I am going to do. I wrote The Energy Crusades for me, as part of a friendship with another dear friend, Michelle, and I need to remember that. My best advice to anyone who is writing is the same. Do it for you. Write what you love.

book kaia

Remember when a woman named Kaia Robi (the very name of the main character in my book) reached out to me from across the world? What a moment for me and now we are friends on facebook and I get to follow her  journey too. Guess what? She’s also left handed, how’s that for a cool connection? In any case, I am going to spend a lot more time with the girl with the purple eyes this year.


The new year is always a new beginning. Whatever is going on in the world, we have each other. We can connect, we can lift each other up, share stories, share experiences. I read this year that spending your money on experiences rather than things makes for a happier life and I agree. I don’t NEED anything. I’m lucky in that.

Reflect in all the ways you are blessed, work on the the things you need to improve and ways you want to make your life more fulfilling.

I’m going to spend far more time with these two:

kandaRemember, we are on each other’s team. Happy New Year!


  1. I love your thoughtfulness, my uplifting friend. This year my intentions are to be more generous and to be more wholehearted. I haven’t done specific goals yet, but those are the feelings that I want to generate more of. Happy 2017.

    • I love it! Give more, want less..words to live by. Sometimes we can give money, sometimes we can give time. Both are important. Wholehearted…yes! Great word, great feeling.

  2. I love these thought exercises and I love you, my dear friend! I shall endeavor in 2017 to practice what I preach, while not neglecting friends who need help, or others in need. Here’s to a great year ahead for us all!

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