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Born and raised in Orange, California, Valerie dreamed up The Energy Crusades while studying chemistry at California State University, Long Beach. She turned that dream into a novel and is currently working on book number 2 in the series. Passionate about chemistry, tennis, and the future of energy on Planet Earth, she is represented by Stacey Donaghy and The Donaghy Literary Group. You can contact Valerie at valerienoble(at)me(dot)com.

The Energy Crusades is light science fiction for young adults and available now wherever e-books are sold.


  1. Wonderful storyline…for some reason your outline reminds me of Hunger Games. I think the story would appeal to older audiences as well…not just young adult..

    • Thank you so much!!! I love the Hunger Games and I hope The Energy Crusades appeals to a wide audience of course. I have several adult readers. I am truly touched by your sweet words.

  2. Diane permalink

    Valerie, please tell me if Dr. Ramses Toma (Tomas) was Egyptian. I am certain he is a long lost friend of mine many decades ago. I met him the first day he arrived in the US and a fellow Egyptian (Edward) brought him to a little party we were having. He seemed tired after the long flight from Egypt but engaged himself politely in out 1960’s discussions that evening. A few years later he went to Egypt and returned with a lovely wife, Rita. I always remember her name because my mother’s name was Rita (and she was Sicilian which Ramses in his subtle humor said they shared the Mediterranean). I was always going to try to get in touch with him and Rita but I was working abroad and life happens. Once I tried locating him in North or South Dakota where he said he was working for the governor on a food science project I believe. After that I think he went to CA.

    If possible please tell me (if you know) where his family can be reached so I can give them my belated condolences and remembrances He was a gentle kind man and I regret not keeping in touch with him and his family. I really enjoyed your tribute to him. He had a very good heart.
    Thank you.

    Diane Dempsey-Marx LSU’69

    • Diane,
      Yes, he was Egyptian and a wonderful man. I miss him every day. I will email you the last phone number I have for his family.
      Thank you for reading,


  3. Tera Brough permalink


    I am writing as a request from several students in my class. I teach Grade 7/8 in Ontario, Canada. I picked your book up at our local Chapters store. It was highly recommended by the staff. Several students have read your novel and are curious as to when your next one will be release? You have definity caught the intetest of several of my students including one reluctant reader!!!! 😉 We would love to here from you and we are looking forward to your next book!
    Mrs. Tera Brough

    • Hi Tera!
      Thank you so much for reaching out! I am thrilled your students are interested in The Energy Crusades. My second book comes out this April. If you are interested, I am more than willing to “visit” your classroom via Skype or something similar. Whatever works for you, I am always willing to meet with fans, especially students!


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