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Solar Steam

January 9, 2013

I may have mentioned that in my ‘spare’ time, I like to take chemistry classes even though I’m not in school anymore. Currently, I’m taking an organic chemistry class using iTunes U (the class is from the University of California at Irvine). My brother happened over one afternoon while I was studying. I put my book away and visited with him, but I left my notebook out and he found it. Much later, I discovered he’d written me a note:

ochemIsn’t he sweet? I know he’s just jealous of me and my brilliant scientific mind. Right?

One of the things I miss about school is doing research, but that can be done at any time, really. You don’t have to be in school, you just have to know how to do it properly. I  did a lot of research for The Energy Crusades, and I have notebooks of drawings, articles, and pictures that helped give life to the story. Now that I’m writing book 2, I need to do even more research. Sometimes, I get caught up in that and it stalls out my writing. I have to solve the ‘problem’ before I can move forward. I was discussing my latest hiccup with my precious friend Michelle ( today, and she helped me to work it out, as she ALWAYS does. She had an idea that reminded me of an article I recently studied for my daughter’s physics class (yes, I go over all of her science homework, wishing I was taking the class with her). The article is on ‘Solar Steam’. Check it out here:

It’s a summary really, of another body of research, so it’s not very long. Solar Steam is exactly the kind of energy I imagine is used by my crusaders. Energy fascinates me and I love to learn about emerging technologies. If you take the time to read the article, let me know what you think.

  1. Michelle P permalink

    “Solar steam is remarkable because of its efficiency,” said Neumann, the lead co-author on the paper. “It does not require acres of mirrors or solar panels. In fact, the footprint can be very small. For example, the light window in our demonstration autoclave was just a few square centimeters.”
    PERFECT. Thank the gods you are so well read and brilliantly, interestingly, wonderfully nerdy! You pulled this out of your back pocket and it will work fantastically. 🙂

  2. Michelle P permalink

    PS- Nicks addition to your notes is hilarious.

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