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What would you write?

March 7, 2013

About a year ago, I entered a small writing contest that I stumbled upon by accident through this blog: . I can’t even remember how it was I came across the contest, and generally I am way too lazy to even enter contests. But this one was cool. It was something like: write a story using 250 words or less and incorporate these words/ phrases into it– kimchi, beer, contest, Hurry up and wait!, and hullabaloo. Here is what I came up with:

Mr. Choi was crying again. I could hear him through the paper thin walls of my apartment, lamenting about how his wife had left him. He spent his days drinking beer and eating kimchi, until the reek of it was embedded in his very being. I could smell him from a mile away.

            “You know Mr. Choi, it’s not a contest,” I yelled through the walls, meanly. “Nobody cares how much kimchi you can eat.”

            “Hurry up and wait!” he yelled back at me in his heavy Korean accent. I laughed and banged on the wall. He didn’t know how to insult me properly in English.

            “Hullabaloo!” I shouted, knowing he’d be more confused than ever. Was that even a word? He wouldn’t know, but he would sit and wonder if I was insulting him. Before I left, I shoved a five dollar bill under his door.   

At the time that I wrote that story, I had just started sending out queries for The Energy Crusades. I didn’t even have a website. The contest inspired me to get one, and I’m very grateful to the writer who hosted it. I won the contest (yay! check it out) and have since kept in touch with the fellow writer– I credit her for giving me one of my first little boosts along the way.

So, what would you write? If you’d like to write a story using the same guidelines (250 words or less, incorporate these words/ phrases: kimchi, beer, contest, Hurry up and wait!, and hullabaloo), I’ d love to read it. Post your story in the comments section and I’ll pick a favorite and also give the winner a $25 Amazon gift card. You have until March 15th, I’ll announce the winner on the 16th. Happy writing!

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  1. This is way too cool, Valerie. I want write a story for this, but I don’t want to enter the contest. Is that okay?

    • YES!!! I would love to read your story and why not enter??? YOU INSPIRED ME!! But, I understand if you really don’t want to, but you are always so generous.

  2. Mike noble permalink

    That’s my wife, keep up the good work.
    Love u always!!!

  3. Great story Valerie with a nice ending!

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