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Humans and Energy

May 11, 2014


In my novel, The Energy Crusades, I imagine a future in which humans are a main source of energy. Is it even possible? Perhaps my imagination is not as far-fetched as you might first believe. Human energy is being used, even today, in a variety of capacities. Here is an article from Alternative Energy News which explores human kinetic energy and its uses.

Man Unplugged

In The Energy Crusades, humans wear energy suits which serve to capture and use energy as the wearer generates it. Am I crazy? Here is a quote from an article in Business Insider from November of 2012:

The technology can be used on the outside of the body as well. Nanotechnology researchers are developing the perfect complement to the power tie: a “power shirt” woven from pairs of fibres coated with tiny strips of zinc oxide and gold. As you move, the fibres rub against each other to produce a current. Prof Zhong Lin Wang, at the Georgia Institute of Technology, says that “we could provide a flexible, foldable and wearable power source that, for example, would allow people to generate their own electrical current while walking”.

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And if you still don’t think it’s possible, how about this gym in Hong Kong which is Human Powered?

humanpoweredgymsFurthermore, wearable electronics are in our very near future. Here is an article from The Conversation discussing just how close we are to energy generating clothing. Perhaps we’ll all be wearing energy suits very soon.

  1. karenwhitedta permalink

    Hi Valerie,

    What a trip! I’ve always believed that science fiction/fantasy writers are actually prophets 🙂

    I don’t remember, but is your book available to buy now? I’m doing a Writer’s series on my podcast (I’ll be continuing that after I move next month, actually). Would you like to be interviewed on my podcast in light of your birth chart? We would discuss your book, your inspiration for it, your writing process, your personal growth from it in light of the astrology of your birth chart. We would promote your book to my listeners on iTunes, Facebook, etc. 

    Would you like that?     Karen Divine Time Astrology 714-754-6443


    • I would love that Karen! And yes, my book is available everywhere e-books are sold (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc). I believe you have my email address, you can let me know about the interview and best of luck with your move!

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