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The Energy Crusades in the news…

June 27, 2014

Well, in the mentions at least. Since it was released on May 6, I’ve had tiny bit of press coverage. First came this little blurb:

VP mention

Which turned into a bigger mention in the Orange County Register: The Five to Know

And another small blurb in a local paper:The Sentry

And today The Energy Crusades is mentioned in the Fresh Ink section of my alumni


fresh ink

Sometimes little things can lead to big things, you never know. Keep trying, don’t give up!!

  1. Makes my heart happy…

  2. I am so happy for you. Hope it gets bigger and better as each day passes.

  3. mike permalink

    Keep working hard Valerie… You have our support,as always ,Love you !!!

  4. Karen M. White permalink

    Congratulations! Seeing this is encouraging…

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