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Teen Beat Thursday: Myles

August 28, 2014

Myles J


My next guest for Teen Beat Thursday is Myles, a 13 year old from Southern California:

Myles chose to review The Red Pyramid:

The Red Pyramid


Myles says he hates to read but had 4 days to finish a reading assignment for school. He had to choose a book and the book had to be worth 25 points. The Red Pyramid was the only book on his list worth that many points, so he chose it by default. However, he ended up liking it because it got him an A in reading and he loved the way the narrative switched with each chapter. The only thing he disliked about it was that it was a book and he had to read it. When I asked how many stars out of 5 he would give it, he made no hesitation when saying 5 (maybe he likes to read a little?). He says he’ll keep me posted on the books he has to read this year.


  1. Michelle permalink

    The reluctant book geek. ❤

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