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Teen Beat Thursday: Maddy

October 9, 2014

MaddyMeet Maddy, my latest teen to participate in Teen Beat Thursday. She’s from California but goes to college in Pennsylvania. Here is a bit more about this gorgeous young woman:

  • Sports played: Club volleyball
  • Interests/ Hobbies: loves to write and explore the city with her friends
  • Last book read: Grave Mercy, by Robin LeFevers, chosen because it was recommended by a friend
  • Last movie watched in the theater: Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Favorite Restaurant: Polly’s Pies 
  • Favorite place to shop: thrift stores and antique shops
  • Favorite Band/ Musician: American Authors

Maddy reviewed the album TRXYE by Troye Sivan. Here is her review in her own words:

What I liked:

This is his first EP and I think it’s a great first project. It’s very distinct sounding, and I believe it can call to a wide audience. It pulls elements from many genres of music, so it has mass appeal. The first single, Happy Little Pill, is both vocally driven and lyrical, but it has a strong EDM influence, which is a very popular trend right now. My favorite song from the album is Gasoline. This song is much slower and more of a ballad than any other song on the album, and it has a very vintage sound to the melody. While it is much more emotional and simple than Happy Little Pill, it also includes sounds which you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a ballad like this. Many of the background sounds that make this song so dynamic have been heavily modified, which really make them sound unique and almost unidentifiable, so the song sounds very ethereal.

What I disliked:

Many of the songs sound similar.


  1. Well, clearly this teen is brilliant.

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