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When your character writes you a message

October 30, 2014

I came back from lunch the other day to find this message waiting for me:

Hello, did you write a book about me? HilariousđŸ˜€. My name is actually really unique, how did you get it? Greetings, Kaia Robi.
What a thrill to receive a message from one of my characters!
Then this happened:
book kaia
I never thought I’d be signing a book for Kaia Robi and it took me awhile to figure out what to say to her. We live in different countries, an ocean separates us, yet, with a few clicks of her mouse, she found my little book and a character named after her. Sometimes the internet divides us, but it also brings us together. Cheers to Kaia, my number one Crusader, we are on each other’s team forever!
  1. I like that Lefty pic!

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